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8 tips for deciding when to splurge on fashion

when to splurge on fashion
I chose to splurge on this must-have Gucci GG Marmont shoulder bag based on my standard list of considering factors.  Copyright Sophia Lazarides.


If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly fighting an internal battle about whether to save or splurge on fashion items. As you know, I’m all about a bargain, but that doesn’t mean I want to totally ignore my desire (read: need) for luxury designer pieces. Gurrrrl, you gotta treat yo’self! But it’s important that when we do make that decision to spend a little more on an item, it’s a well-informed one.


This popular Gucci belt is another item worth splurging on because of its classic style, which makes it easy to pair with items you already own.
Source: unknown


Obviously, because it’s not something the bank balance (or husband) allows, buying designer pieces isn’t something I do on the reg, but when I do, there’s a long list of factors I consider to help me comfortably make the right choice…


How to decide when to splurge on fashion

  1. Have you got at least five pieces already in your wardrobe that you can pair with the designer piece in question?
  2. What colour is the item? Buying something in black will give you a higher probability of wearing it regularly.
  3. Consider your general wardrobe mood/theme and whether the item will fit with that. i.e. if your style is generally bohemian, don’t buy a pair of Balenciaga cut-out biker boots.
  4. Work out the item’s CPW (cost per wear) and decide if it’s worth it.  CPW = total cost of item ÷ number of times you can wear the item.
  5. How classic is the style of the piece? The less fashion-forward the item, the more chance you’ve got of being able to use/wear it for longer.
  6. Can the item be paired easily with cheap or fast-fashion pieces you already own?
  7. Is the piece in question well-made or are you just paying for the brand name?
  8. Can you find the item you want cheaper or secondhand? (TIP: Hang tight for my upcoming post on how to get designer pieces for less.)


This Gucci Dionysus bag is soooo pretty, but the embroidery means it may not be in fashion next season, so probably not worth splurging on.
Source: VivaLuxury


My favourite pieces worth splurging on

Equipment cotton-poplin shirt-, $237

A simple, white, button-up  shirt is a must for every wardrobe. It’s a classic that goes with everything and will never go out of fashion, ensuring your CPW is very low.

when to splurge on fashionAnine Bing classic fit blazer, $393

Every wardrobe needs a well-fitting, black blazer. Not only is it a cornerstone of corporate fashion, but roll up the sleeves and pair with a white tee, boyfriend jeans and sneakers and you have yourself a very cool weekend outfit.



GRLFRND Kendall high-rise jeans, $257

A pair of dark-wash, high-waisted jeans that fit you 100% right are the perfect thing to take you from work to office drinks as easy as you can say 1, 2, 3… Pair them with the above shirt and blazer for a smart but casual look.


Ena Pelly classic biker jacket, $599

I don’t know what I would do without my leather biker jacket. You can chuck it over a basic tee with jeans, or even pair it with a flowy, girly dress. TIP: Go for lamb leather – it’s super soft and feels so luxurious.


Stuart Weitzman Nouveau pointed toe pumps, $517

I hate to say it, but money does often buy comfort when it comes to shoes. A black pointed pump is so timeless and will go with pretty much any outfit.


Bailey 44 Solid Ipanema dress, $360

No wardrobe is complete without the perfect LBD. Pick one with a style that’s not so dressy that you can’t wear it to work, but is dressy enough so you can get away with wearing it to the end of year party.


Let us know what pieces YOU like to splurge on?

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