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Ballettonet x Friend In Fashion

I’ve long been in awe of Jasmin Howell’s (Friend In Fashion) elegant style and life of wanderlust, so when I found out she was doing a shoe collection I was obviously jumping for joy. And when I discovered the collab was with stunning, Australian shoe brand, Ballettonet, I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on a pair.

I just love the philosophy behind Ballettonet – quality, comfortable, Italian-made shoes without the price tag of Gucci and the like… Very luxe for less!

Via The Girl Who Lived For Clothes (because I stupidly forgot my camera!)
Via The Girl Who Lived For Clothes (because I stupidly forgot my camera like an amateur!)

I was lucky enough to be one of the first to lay my eyes on the collection at the launch at Westfield Doncaster last week and, simply put, it is EVEN BETTER than I expected.

Comfort. TICK.

Style. TICK.

Cute factor = 13/10

It’s not often I can say, ‘I would wear everything in one collection’, but in this case I can.

Jasmin says her focus for the shoe range was on, “style, practicality and comfort”, for the seasoned traveller. She and Ballettonet certainly nailed it!

(Keep an eye out for my ‘Five Minutes With Friend In Fashion‘ blog post coming in the next couple of days.)

friend in fashion
Stephanie Waters from Ballettonet & Friend In Fashion’s Jasmin Howell, via The Girl Who Lived For Clothes.
Via The Girl Who Lived For Clothes
Via The Girl Who Lived For Clothes



Me and the gorgeous Nikki from States of Style.
Me and the gorgeous Nikki from States of Style, photo by Jessie Obialor.

See, I told you so… The prettiest shoes I ever did see!

Head here to grab yourself a pair – keep in mind they’re limited edition so you best be quick!

Here are a few words from Ballettonet Managing Director, Stephanie Waters…

1. What is the story behind Ballettonet?

Ballettonet started with my frustration with finding quality Italian footwear at a more affordable price point. Usually the famous fashion houses provided the quality and designs, but I also appreciated the lesser known brands that handcrafted their shoes in Italy too. So the idea of establishing an online shoe retailer started during a family trip to Italy. I found beautifully made leather shoes that were at a great price point and wondered why Australians were paying so much for the same quality in footwear. Ten months later my husband and I established Ballettonet, a pureplay online retailer that sources handcrafted shoes from Italy’s finest footwear families.

2. How do you make the shoes so, damn comfortable, while still being so stylish?

Our shoe artisans have up to six generations of experience under their belt and we trust their age old traditions and modern techniques when it comes to constructing our limited edition shoes. We work closely with them during the entire process. It only takes a couple prototypes before we get the perfect fit.

3. How did the collaboration with Friend In Fashion come about?

Jasmin and I met at an event in Melbourne a couple of years ago. The discussion about commissioning Jasmin to design her ultimate shoe collection started just over 12 months ago and it’s taken that long to see the ideas come to life!


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