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7 reasons why (pre-loved) diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Jewellery to an outfit is like tinsel on a Christmas tree; You can get by without it, but it adds some much-needed sparkle and gives it that wow factor.



My last post talked about how pearls are the latest it-girl trend, but now I want to discuss the classic and timeless diamond.

As far as jewellery goes, I have always adored diamonds and yearned to own them in excess, but as a bargain blogger they’ve generally been out of my price range. Fortunately for me (and you), I’ve recently discovered how pre-loved diamonds not only fit my budget, but also my wardrobe style. I know diamonds probably aren’t something you think of buying secondhand, but let me tell you why it’s a good idea to re-think that strategy.

#1. Pre-loved diamonds are much cheaper.

This is an obvious reason. You’re saving big bucks by buying used diamonds, which really don’t suffer from wear and tear like, say, a pair of shoes does, so being secondhand isn’t an issue.


I am obsessing over this pre-loved diamond ring!


#2. They’re generally more unique.

Used diamonds are often from a completely different era to you, with a totally different style to what you would find new in stores. Vintage is also a huge trend right now, so imagine how cool it would be to find a pre-loved art deco diamond ring from the 1950s! Hint: it’s entirely possible.


These pre-loved art deco style diamonds are so pretty and unique, they would be hard to find brand new. (P.s. I also managed to find this Givenchy clutch secondhand at Cash Converters.)


#3. You can stack pre-loved diamond rings and layer necklaces to match modern trends.

Stacking and layering are the two biggest jewellery trends of 2017, and there’s no reason why you can’t do this with vintage diamond pieces to make them current and suit your modern-day wardrobe.


Stacking your pre-loved diamond rings give them a modern edge.


#4. Diamonds are classic and timeless.

Diamonds are the most simple, elegant and tasteful jewel there is. This will never change. They won’t age, or go out of fashion, and they’ll always make you feel refined and graceful, which is what makes them such a high-return investment piece.


This classic, pre-loved, diamond-encrusted Dior watch and chain bracelet = the perfect, elegant pairing.


#5. They can soften up a tough-girl look.

This year, studded, leather jackets, grungy band tees and all black everything are totally in and adding a diamond or two will really help you achieve that ‘rock chic’ (not chick) vibe.


Pair your leather jacket with some fine, pre-loved diamonds to give your look a chic edge.


#6. Diamonds add a refined touch to a casual outfit.

Throwing on a fine diamond necklace with a pair of ripped jeans, a t-shirt, a blazer and sneakers will really make your outfit sing.

A casual outfit with pre-loved diamonds adds a refined touch.


#7. Pre-loved diamonds can make the perfect engagement ring.

Trying to convince your love to pop the question? Going down the pre-loved route may encourage him to do it sooner.


This stunning 1.48 carat, pre-loved diamond engagement ring is to die for.


*Article sponsored by Cash Converters, shop the look here.

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