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Jewellery trend: Necklace Layering

There’s nothing I love more than fashion accessories, and the necklace is the flavour of the month! Ever since chokers came back in a couple of years ago (although, were they ever REALLY out of fashion?), I’ve been obsessed with styling them differently for different outfits. Necklace layering adds a whole new element to wearing jewellery. You can play around with different colours, shapes and textures… Really anything goes. And with the huge choice of cheaper, fashion jewellery brands today, now it’s easier than ever to afford this look!

These babes have necklace layering down pat…

Behati Prinsloo
Bella Hadid
Kendall Jenner
@tashsefton from They All Hate Us.

How to Nail This Trend

  • Leave the necklace layering to lower-neck or collared shirts, tops and dresses (For a crew neck t-shirt, a single choker is really the only thing that works!)
  • Experiment with mixing colours! Silver and rose gold can look really great together
  • Try layering a chain choker/necklace with a bandana
  • If you don’t have a “proper” choker, don’t worry, use a piece of ribbon/lace/anything you can find instead
  • Pick a theme; weather it’s by colour, by shape or by style, this will help you pick styles that go together. (My favourite at the moment is stars and moons!)
  • Wear necklaces of different lengths

I’m wearing: a piece of black ribbon with a Lovisa choker over the top.

I’m wearing: Sportsgirl horn and chain necklace with Ettika star choker.

I’m wearing: bandana from General Pants with star sign and triangle necklaces from Jolie & Deen.

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